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CPS tester stands for Click-Per-Second test. It is often a 10-second simple test. You wish to click as persistently as potential before time's up.

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{{timeElapsed | number:2}}


{{cps | number: 1}}




Time Avg CPS World Records
Any Second 10 CPS 19 CPS
10 Second 11 CPS 23 CPS

CPS Test Unblocked

We have 2 cps testing games, one of them is common html5 game and it has different timers like 1 seconds, 5, 10, 30, 60 and 100 seconds. This means you can choose a time and start hitting the mouse right button until time is up.

While other game is Dexter Cps clicker. This is very fast and advanced click counter game. It has lot of features like 

Computers have become the most efficient and convenient way to doing complex tasks. It seems as if computers and digital media have taken over our lives without even anyone noticing. However, the ability to quickly perform relatively complex tasks requires a great deal of accuracy. For instance, fast typing and mouse clicking speed are the new unit of computer efficiency. This article explains what a CPS test is and how to improve your CPS score quickly,

What is a CPS tester?

The CPS or Click-per-second is the number of mouse clicks a person can perform in a single second. You are considered computer-efficient if you have an excellent typing score as well as a high CPS score. Therefore, certain websites use an algorithm to calculate your average CPS score over different periods of time. For instance, you can choose from the different levels of test, i.e., 1second, 5 seconds, and all the way up to 100 seconds, to test your CPS score over these websites

What is the highest and the average CPS score?

According to “ClickingSpeedTester,” a CPS score of 7-8 tested for 1-5 seconds is considered an average CPS score; if your CPS score is lower than that, you should better start practising right now.

On the other hand, many well-known gamers such as Shroud or Panda compete to break the CPS score records. Currently, an unknown YouTuber holds the record for the highest CPS score. He performed the CPS test while streaming and got up to 22 CPS score in 5 seconds.

CPS Score


Less than 5


More than 5 but under 8


Greater than 8


Some websites have a customized CPS test grading system. According to the CPStest website, a CPS score higher than ten is rewarded the Cheetah medal.

How important are computer skills?

As discussed earlier, computer skills are gradually becoming one of the basic skills for survival. It would be best to know that previously driving, nutritional information, cooking, money counting, etc., were the only basic survival skills. However, in the second decade of the 21st century, computer skills have become significant than any other skill for survival.

In today’s world, more and more tasks are going towards automation. The invention of Artificial Intelligence and digital media is paving our way towards a smarter future. Moreover, the creation of digital currency and cryptocurrency has also added to our comfort. You don’t have to move from your comfortable bed or sofa to pay the utility bills or order food anymore. Computers have completely taken over our lives. For example, less than 20 years ago, people had to make time for using their PC. On the contrary, people have to take a break from computers to see their friends and families.

How to improve CPS score?

CPS tests are mainstream popular among the gamer community. Most PC games make use of the mouse for their action. Therefore, professional gamers are required to have extraordinary accuracy, precision, and CPS to outwit their enemies. So, people came up with different techniques to improve their CPS score and break the world record.

There are multiple techniques you can use to improve your CPS score significantly. However, most of them will only increase the CPS but remain insignificant in gaming. For a better gaming CPS, you should practice, dedicate a considerable amount of time towards your goal and get a customized gaming mouse.

Standard clicking

It is the basic clicking technique used by everyone regularly. It provides a slower pace for average users but remains the most effective for gaming. An average user gets 7-8 CPS using this technique.

Butterfly click

Use two of your fingers to click the button alternatively. This technique doubles your CPS score if you time the fingers correctly.

Jitter click

The Jitter-click is what you might call a body hack. It is achieved by straining your hand till it starts shaking. Afterwards, let the shaking fingers do their work and break the world record for you.


CPS scores are as important as typing speed scores. The CPS testers evaluate your computer efficiency and accuracy through testing. Lastly, you can use different techniques to improve your CPS scores over time significantly.