Spin the Wheel of Names - Random Name Picker

When tossing a coin, there are two probabilities that you will be getting heads or tails, but what if I tell you there are cases when you have an increased percentage of winning. Maybe 50 or even 100!!

This is the case with a wheel of names.

  1. What is a random wheel of names?
  2. How to use any wheel of names?
  3. Where are wheels of spins used?
  4. Top high ranking wheels of names

What is a random wheel of names?

Random Wheel of names is an online wheel customizable tool that you can use to pick an item from a large number of lists. It's a digital wheel where you can put the entries in your list on the wheel and then spin the wheel.

 A Random Wheel of names is used in those cases where you have to pick only one entity over a pool of entries. It will ease out the picking process, and the risk of any favoritism will also be eliminated here

Random Wheel of name is a great tool for finding the perfect name for a new baby, choosing a pet name, or finding the perfect gift. The wheel has options for both males and females and includes names from all over the world. You can choose to see a list of popular names right now or choose a name from a particular region or language.

Furthermore, one more added benefit of the wheel of names is that you can easily customize it, which means you can create your wheel of names in a matter of minutes, as the wheels of names websites give you the liberty to enter your entries.

How to use any wheel of names?

Using the wheel of names is as easy as it seems. With a user-friendly interface, almost every person can make full use of the wheel of names tools.

You put the entries in the wheels and then spin the wheel to use the tool. What's more fascinating is that you can customize colors and much more to make a fully-customized wheel of spin according to your industry.

For example, you can design a sleek wheel of spin for business use and a colour wheel of spin for educational purposes.

Where are wheels of spins used?

The wheel of spin has endless use opportunities; you can use it in every aspect of life. Here are some most notable use cases of the wheel of spins


Wheel of spins is mostly used for educational purposes. Teachers can use wheel spins in various ways. Some examples include using them as a tool for teaching multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and more. Wheel of spins also helps with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

.For example, if you're a teacher and you want some student to answer a particular question, you can spin the wheel to pick a random student.

Moreover, as a teacher, you can set your teaching schedules per wheel of sounds. If you prioritize what to teach first and whatnot, enter the entries in the wheels of names and spin the wheel. And you'll get a random choice of what to prioritize and what to not.

Furthermore, if you are a student, you can use the wheel of name to manage your studies in a short span. For example, your exams are within a week, and you cannot decide what to do first and whatnot. Just spin the wheels of name to get unbiased advice.

In giveaways

If you have opened a new shop, it might be possible that you pronounce some giveaways to boost your startup business, but managing lucky draws and picking one should be an unbiased job. So you can use the wheel of names in this case. Spin the wheel to get a random lucky winner.

Plan your daily chores

 Being a housewife or a management person, you sometimes can't figure out what to manage at a certain time slot. You have to manage multiple tasks per day and don't know what to start with. So, all you have to do is fill the entries of the daily chores and spin the wheel; you will get a random, unbiased answer to start with

Top high ranking wheels of names

Random name picker wheels are available on the web in multiple numbers. Here are some of the most ranked random name picker wheels.

1. Wheel decide

Wheel Decide is a free online spinner tool made to create a customized and digital wheel of names to ease decision-making. The wheel offers a very easy-to-use interface making it quite efficient for almost everyone.


  • Very easy to use interface
  • Multiple customized wheels
  • Dynamic wheels

2. Wheel of name

Wheel of names is another random name picker wheel that you can use to create digital wheels to help you in multiple decisions.

The interface of the wheels of the name is also quite clean, but it is more detailed than the wheel decided. In Addition to customizable wheels, the wheel of name offers different reviews and tutorials to understand the random name wheel picker tools better. 

Furthermore, you can also link your google spreadsheet to the wheel of names to bring your entries list right into the tool.


  • Elegant yet simple design
  • Customized wheels
  • Reviews and tutorials
  • Dark mode

3. Picker wheel

The picker wheel is a great, random name wheel picker. The picker wheel tool also comes with a simple design. It also has a dark mode to be easily used at night. Furthermore, you can use the sharing option in the picker wheel to share your customized wheel with your friends or community,

The picker wheel features three modes of random name wheel picker

Normal mode

The normal picker wheel functions as a one-time wheel clicker. This means that you will only have to spin the wheel once. This is most used in giveaways and lucky draws where you have to pick only one winner amongst a large pool of candidates

Elimination mode

As the name indicates, the elimination picker wheel eliminates the candidates. For example, you are a teacher conducting a question and answer session amongst your students, and you spin the wheel once student A name comes on the wheel and the answers then the student A is eliminated, and you spin the wheel again to continue the contest for further students to answer the questions

Accumulation mode

The accumulation model accumulates the choices input on the wheel multiple times to convince you more to make a decision,

This mode usually comes in handy where one-time spin results don't persuade you to take action; for example, if you are using the picker wheel to decide what drink you should take in the morning, then spinning the wheel might not come to your expectation, so you can use the accumulation mode to convince you further.


  • scroll through multiple modes
  • customized wheels
  • dark mode
  • easy to use interface

Final verdict

In conclusion, wheels of names is a great way to get unbiased results among different choices. It can be fun to spin the wheel, but it's important to remember that using these tools must not be to make legal choices or controversial choices.