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In this page, you can see all Click tests (old, new, updated), we will list every Cps test possible.

CPS test List

In this, you will see clicks pe second tests, the old classic and new ones.

  1. Clicks per Second
  2. Clicks per 5 Seconds
  3. Clicks in 10 seconds
  4. Clicking in 20 Seconds
  5. Click test in 30 seconds
  6. Clicking in 60 Seconds
  7. Clicks in 100 Seconds

Other Minecraft Click tests

If you are a game player of Minecraft or PUBG, you should try these Click tests.

  1. Kohi Clicking test
  2. Jitter Click

Clicking Games You should try

If you think you can be the best clicking game player, you must check our list and play. You can vote on games too.

Auto Clickers for Games

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How many times you can click per second in different clicking modes? Are you sure your mouse is working properly? Do you think your mouse is efficient enough to give you the highest clicking speed? 

I’m pretty sure you haven’t pondered upon these questions before. You must be thinking of the purpose to calculate the clicks per second. Well, the clicking speed text determines how efficient you are in making clicks in a particular period and what’s the capability of your mouse. 

This test will help you to improve your clicking speed and it will also let you know if you need to change your mouse. In case you are struggling to retain a high clicking speed, it can cause great loss to you as compared to your competitors who are experiencing a high clicking speed with their remarkable skills and efficient mouse. So what are you waiting for? Give a careful read to the steps mentioned below. These steps will pave your way towards a smooth click speed test in no time.