How to Right Click on Mac?

How to enable right click on mac? The easy as you like!!

Do you want to right-click on Mac? while apple launched the Mac mouse with one left-click button only. They have not made the right-click button Mac mouse. There are two button mice available for Macs But some people have the old ones. And want to know how to right click on mac. Whatever is your apple device, Macbook pro, Air, or Mac Laptop, this guide is for everyone.

One of the things that makes a MacBook appealing is its look. Within its look, one would notice that a significant feature is a smooth and button-free Trackpad. The Trackpad is the square area that is located right below the keyboard. It is primarily used as a mouse for the simple purpose of operating a laptop. What makes this Trackpad unique is, as mentioned before, the fact that there are no two apparent buttons built into it like there are with so many laptops. Keep in mind, the buttons are there, and there can be clicking on the Mac through the Trackpad; but the only aspect that makes it so different from other laptops is the fact that it is not built into or too apparent.

Moreover, because these buttons are not too apparent, some users are quite confused as to how they could right-click on a Mac. Some are so lost about this aspect that they go out to buy a mouse so that they can attach it to the Mac with a USB cable. Right-clicking on a Mac is not as hard as it sounds; it is quite easy. All that is required on the part of the user is to get familiar with the basic mechanics of their laptop. Even a simple google simple will also suffice.

How to Right-click on Macbook? - 4 Methods

  1. Press Control Button to Right Click on MAC
  2. Fingers on Trackpad
  3. Deep Tuch Trackpad Method
  4. Right Click with Apple Mouse

There are many methods available to users for right-clicking on a Mac, and these are mentioned below.

  1. Press the Control button for right-click

press control button to right click

Users can select the button Control (or Ctrl), made available on their keyboard (usually towards the left side of the keyboard). The way to go about this is: the user should use the trackpad and the control button at the same time. Users should be careful not to confuse the Control button with either the Option (also called Alt) button or the Command button. These two features have entirely different purposes.

  1. Press two fingers on Trackpad to right click on MAC

Another way to right-click on a Mac is to use the trackpad option. MacBook users have many options available on how they can go about right-clicking on their laptops with their trackpad. They can alter these settings quite simply. First, the user should select the apple logo on the top left side of their screen. Once they have clicked the apple logo, they will be presented with a few options. From the options, they must select the second option, which is “System Preferences,” also commonly known as Settings. Another way that users can open “System Preferences” is to go on the Dock of their Mac. For those who are confused about what a Dock is, it is the main bar available at the very bottom of the screen, which has all the main options and has all the applications. One of the apps available will be “System Preferences.”

Right Click on Mac using trackpad

Upon clicking “System Preferences,” they will be presented with a small window with many options. There are two relevant options available; “Mouse” and “Trackpad.” These options are available on the second row of the alternatives. Users should disregard the option of “Mouse,” as this aspect is concerning a USB cable mouse or a Bluetooth mouse and is not relevant to right-clicking. Users should instead select the option “Trackpad.”

Upon selecting Trackpad, users will be taken to a new window. They must select the “Point & Click” Option from the three available, after which they will be allowed to make changes to three aspects. The “Secondary Click” options should be selected, upon which users will be provided with three options on how they can right-click on their Mac. The following are the options available: clicking or tapping the trackpad with two fingers, clicking or tapping the Trackpad on the bottom right corner, and lastly, clicking or tapping the Trackpad on the bottom left corner.

  1. Right-Click with Force & Deep Touch of Trackpad

Hold the Tap of MAC mouse for clicking right

This option may be available for the new models of MacBook, for both Air and Pro. The trackpad on these newer models allows users to put in deeper pressure when clicking on the trackpad. And if they do use that more in-depth click, it may achieve the purpose of the right-click. It should be noted, however, that many people claim that this method does not work, and instead, they prefer other options for right-clicking.

  1. How to right-click using Apple Mouse

Many people know how to operate the trackpad and the right-click mechanics; yet, they still opt to go out and buy an Apple mouse anyway. There could be many reasons for this; it could be that they prefer a mouse over the trackpad, the mouse may be mouse convenient and quick, etc.

Users will be guided on how they can set their mouse on their laptops. Users are advised to go to “System Preferences” available on the dock of their computer or the Apple logo option available on the top left side of the screen. After selecting “System Preferences,” users should choose “Mouse,” which is available on the second row. There, users can set up their Bluetooth or USB cable mouse.

Right-clicking on the Apple mouse is quite simple and straightforward. All that is required that you click on the right side of the mouse, and it will achieve the desired results.

What is the MAC?

A Mac, most commonly referred to like a MacBook as well, is a great laptop. The Apple company introduced it, and like all Apple products, it is very distinctive from other electronics in its looks and features. One of its appealing features is not only the sleek look but also the fantastic features that users have access to. There are two main types of models of MacBook that customers can choose from, and these are; MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. And within these two categories, people have more models and options when it comes to choosing their laptop. Each Mac is broadly the same, but some of the specifics are different, and this difference is really important to tech-savvy people. The details may be concerning the size of the laptop, processors, touch bars, and touch ID’s, etc.


Many believe that Macs are great laptops and a good investment. But if the users are not able to enjoy the simple mechanics of the computer, then they won’t be able to enjoy the overall experience of having a MacBook. This article aimed to get the users more familiar with the laptop and its basics, so they can fully enjoy its features and benefits.