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Kohi Clicking Test

if you are a video / online gaming addict or you keep a good profession in this field and you are a fast gamer and still want to improve you speed then you will find Kohi Click Test the best way to test your click per second and improve your speed. Winning is the ultimate goal of any player in a game.

To increase and maintain your click speed, one needs to practice a lot. It is a kind of indicator which will show the average speed of your clicking. Kohi Click Test is mostly visited by players that play games such as Minecraft, Tekken series, Black ops, etc. such games need sufficient speed of clicks to win a mission or a fight which results in a win.

Kohi Click Test is a program that allows a player to estimate CPS by clicking in a given time frame. Most CPS programs give 10 seconds time frame. Which means you have to click by a mouse in a given box or a frame, as the 10 seconds end it will show how estimated click per second. There are also programs that give the frame time of 5 seconds also. This program can also be used via laptop, but only those laptops which have a touchpad. Some programs also offer CPS by tapping on the spacebar, if by any chance some laptops don’t have a touchpad. You can also use this on mobile phones where you can tap on the screen.

Kohi Click Test is basically originated for Minecraft servers. It was actually made for hardcore game modes. Although now there are many CPS programs online and there are even apps for it now. People now play it worldwide for click per seconds record. People compete for leaderboards in CPS programs.

Some people ask why CPS is important as some players are naturally fast and they find it useless. The answer is that it not only maintains your speed but also maintains your click white maintaining accurate aims.

There are many types methods of clicking to score the highest in the leaderboards or in team-ups like; regular, jitter, butterfly and drag. Whereas; regular is an easy method which estimates 3- to 9 CPS, jitter is the hard method which estimates 10 to 14 CPS, the butterfly is the extreme method which estimates 15 to 25 CPS and the last is drag which is much more extreme and that is estimated 30 to 100 CPS.