Clicks in 100 Seconds

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Clicks in 100 Seconds?

So, start clicking on the below-given box. And after 100 seconds this amazing Clicks in 100 Seconds test will show your clicks per second speed.

People never know about something that really matters in their work proficiency. Yes! The mouse clicking speed is also an important thing which is mostly ignored. However if you increase your clicking speed, you can complete your work in less time being more efficient in clicking.

Click Speed Test is a tool which offers you to test your mouse clicks per seconds with respect to different time bounds.

With Clicks 100 Sec test, people can know about their clicking rate per second. As the name indicates, you have to click as fast as you can with the time limit of 100 seconds. The time starts right with your first click.

Invite your friends for this clicking game and give them a clicking challenge. Be calm to beat them in this challenge and Use your fingers with a good control. You can also try out other test modes like clicks per second, clicks in 5 seconds and clicks in 10 and 60 seconds.

Hope you will enjoy knowing about your CPS. Must share your stunning CPS results with your friends.