Scroll as fast as you can!

Scroll Wheel Test

Just roll over your mouse scroll wheel and start the test!!

Mouse Scroll Test

A little wheel is located on the mouse just between the left and right buttons. The most common use of this wheel is scrolling. It lessens the difficulty to view different documents by premising you to scroll up and down. You can also use it for a third button to execute some other tasks. But is your mouse offering 100 percent scrolling efficiency? Well, not exactly 100 percent but a bit near to it? But how you will determine its efficiency, that’s the real question!

What is the Scroll test?

Here comes the Mouse Scroll Test to ease your pain. It will not only determine the efficiency of your mouse but it will also test your ability to use the scrolling wheel. For those who haven’t heard about the mouse test before, let me tell you that it is a test that reveals the exact amount of pixels viewed by you at a particular time while scrolling up and down. The total number of pixels viewed per second determines the exact scrolling speed of a scroll wheel. 

Mostly, when we get our hands on a new mouse, we experience a little bit of training curve to determine how fast or how slow our new gadget scrolls. Sometimes, a mouse offers such a sticky scroll wheel that it takes all our strength to get down a notch. On the other hand, some mouse is so easy-going that they permit us to reach the end of the page with just a little flick. 

How to test speed Scrolling?

It might sound a bit strange and vague but following little steps will make the idea more clear. We have mapped out a smooth way to test the mouse scrolling speed. Follow the below-given steps and get the exact speed of your mouse scrolling;

  • Get access to an authentic website that offers mouse scrolling tests.
  • Make sure you have an active and stable internet connection to get through this test.
  • Select the time-lapse for your test. Such tests record scrolling speed for 5s, 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 100s. So the timer will ultimately end as soon as the given period will be over. Choose time-lapse according to your needs. 
  • As you will reach the site, you will find an option on the screen named “start” or “click here to check the scroll speed”. After selecting the time-lapse you will click on this option. 
  • As soon as you will touch on the particular option, a timer will start simultaneously. 
  • Right after clicking on the option, you will have to scroll actively until the timer runs out and timer gets off.
  • The viewers will be able to see the timer on the screens but rather than focusing on time, you should just concentrate on scrolling. 
  • A bell will ring after completion of time-lapse and your final scroll will be seen on the screen

Click speed test has different versions of clicking tests, the clicks per the second test is short and interesting. If you compare the scroll test with the click test, the mouse clicking test always feels better to play. Have a look at our homepage for interesting CPS tests.

For more fun and improvement, you can challenge your friends and family to participate in this competition and compare your mouse scrolling speeds with them.