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Clicks per Second Test

What is meant by Clicks per Second Test? Everyone knows the answer. It is the clicking speed at which someone can click in a second.

Click Test allows people to check out their clicking speed by performing some simple tests. Like clicks in a second, clicks in 5/10/60/100 seconds. It has six different modes and one of these modes is Clicks per Second. The name is self-explanatory.

One question must be in your mind that How to click faster in 1 second? And, we are always here to guide you.

Click on the green flag in the below box to start your test. Try to click as fast as you can because this will increase your CPS test in 1 second. The time starts with your first click.

If you have stopped and want to restart click test then click again on the big grey button.

The most interesting thing about this cool testing tool is that it allows you to share your results with your friends. The things become more interesting when all friend get together at a single place. So you can have fun with your friends by defeating and challenging each other.

You can also challenge other players for this game to show them the magic of your fastest fingers.

We hope that you will enjoy it in your free time. Have fun.