Click Test 60 Seconds

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Clicks in 60 Seconds?

The 4th mode of Click Speed Test is Clicks in 60 Seconds. This mode lets people check out their clicks in one minute means sixty seconds.

Want to know the proficiency level of the fingers you have? Try this Clicks in 60 Seconds Test.  It will tell you something from which you were unaware till this time. As well as it will also good to let other people know about your skills.

So, let’s check out that how proficiently you use your mouse or touchpad!

For this test, you have to Click on the below-given box for the time of 60 seconds. The time starts with the first click of yours. Once the test time finished, it displays your result as you CPS.

Warm up your fingers and go for the test.

If you have excellent results, you can tell people around you at social sites. As well as you can invite your friends and other players to accept your challenge.

Results are not too good! Don’t worry! We are here to guide you in this situation. You can improve your clicking rate by continuous practice of this test.

Everything is related to the proficiency and speed of finger tap, click, and movement.