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Check out best free aim trainer Unblocked online version on PC, PS4, PS3 and Mobile as well. You can use valorant, 3d and double shot features without download. Better Fortnite trainer than Kovaak's trainer. Aim Booster is a game tool to help players to train themselves for shooting skills in games like Fortnite.

AimBooster is a tool that can be used to improve your mouse skills. It will also enable one to be so good at games that they will rival those who are professionals. Aside from helping users improve their aim, it also increases response time and makes the user quick.

This is also known as an online Air trainer which is made to make players Pro. New mouse accuracy games are added below.

How to Play Aim Trainer 3D?

AimBooster 3d is essentially a challenging gun shooting game. The user is presented with a blank screen, where different targets or circles appear. The user’s job is to eradicate those orange circles as soon as they appear by clicking on it with their mouse. The user should not let them get any bigger. If that does happen, then the game will be over. Aside from the blank screen, there is other information available as well.

Firstly, time; which as the title suggests, shows how much time has elapsed. As soon as the game is over, the time will stop, and the user will be presented with their records and scores.

Secondly, there is Accuracy; this is about how accurate was the user’s aim was with regards to the clicking on the target area. There are also Targets. These factors represent the skill of the user and allow him/her to get that information so that they can further improve to be a good player on Fortnite, PUBG mobile or Call of Duty mobile.. 

This is some kind of mouse accuracy test to check speed, sensitivity, DPI and accuracy of your computer mouse.

AimBooster World Record:

There are many who claimed their world record for aim booster but one makes a video about it and that should be mentioned here. 

World Record: 4:22 Mint

Users also have two options when it comes to game or training modes; RTS (Real-Time Strategy) and FPS (First-Person Shooters). Users are recommended to choose only those modes that will help them in improving their skills in the type of games they like. But the best course of action would be to train with all kinds of modes with different settings and practices. This option will enable the user to be better in all types of games. 

What are the Advantages of Aim Trainer 2D?

There are many purposes of AimBooster. As mentioned above, it helps users in improving their aim, response time and other skills. One can opt to play it while his / her game is loading. And there is almost every game out there that takes time to load. It is available everywhere at any time. Only simple access is needed through the internet. Hence, while one is bored waiting for their friend, they can play this game and improve their skills.

And if the servers of the users' favorite games are down, then they can always rely on Aim-Booster to help them pass their time. However, it should be noted that it may be the case sometimes that users may not have access to the internet (but they can opt for the offline game option).

The game also requires the installation of the software called Flash. Hence, those who can’t download this software will not be able to enjoy this game. Another advantage of Aim Booster is that it puts no mental strain on the user when it comes to time. The game can continue as long as the user wants. However, they must comply with the general mechanics and instructions of the game. It will also help users get better at other games. 

How Can I Play AimBooster Offline?

AimBooster can be easily downloaded and played offline.

You can download it on the following link, by pressing right-click on your mouse and choosing the option, “Save As”: AimBooster.swf .

Then the downloaded file should be opened in the browser.