APM Test: Actions Pe Minute Game

Action Per Minute is commonly referred to as APM. It is a test highlighting the skills of a user, in the aspect of video games. More specifically, it shows how many actions a player can execute in one minute.

Final Result

This test can also be called a reaction time test. The video games in which this test is important usually come under the category of fighting and action games, and real-life strategy games, etc. This test has been inspired by the very famous games called, StarCraft and Warcraft.

High and Low Action Per Minute

Those players who have a high action per minute are usually professional video players or they are just really experienced. Having a high action per minute highlights the skill and talent of the player. It shows that not only is the player good at the game and knows what to do but also that they have the capability to carry out this skill and knowledge. Players who have a low action per minute are usually those players who are just beginners. It may be the case that even experienced and professional game players may also have a low action per minute. Such a situation simply highlights that the relevant players are just not good at playing the game. 

How to Play Actions Per Minute?

This test is quite simple. Firstly, all users must have an internet connection. Second, users must have access to a laptop, computer, tablet / iPad, or smartphone. Once the user has connected the relevant device to the internet, that user must open an internet browser. This internet browser could be any; it could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, etc.

Once the internet browser is open, the user must write the following on the search engine; "Action Per Minute Test." The user can then opt for the relevant link. Ordinarily, the correct link is among the top 5 results. After the relevant link is open, the user can begin playing the game by simply pressing the "Start". The user can also opt for any difficulty level. There are 3 difficulty levels; normal, hard, and very hard. The preference in relation to this option is dependent on the user and how experienced they are and how much they want to improve, etc.

As the game starts, targets will start appearing on the screen that the user must hit either with the mouse or keyboard. While this game is being played, time will be elapsing in the background. After the game is over, the user will be presented with the following statistics; effective clicks, clicks (total clicks, even the inaccurate and redundant ones), and percentage, etc. Through these statistics, the user can gauge how successful he/she was in the game. Have you played a Click speed test game? That's a little different from this, click test does not require proper targets to hit. It's a good AIM training game to start with.

What factors are important in an APM Test?

The following factors are very important when both playing the aforementioned game and also when results are given:

  1. Accuracy: An essential factor, accuracy is about how well does the player target the relevant things. This factor is important when it comes to both mouse and keystrokes. Those players that have fewer mistakes in clicking and in keystrokes, they will have a higher accuracy result. This, in turn, will allow the player to receive a higher Action Per Minute Result. However, those players that make many mistakes when it comes to clicking and in keystrokes, they will have a lower Action Per Minute. This is the case no matter how many times the player has targeted the relevant aspect. The test will simply not take those mistakes into account and hence, there will be a low Action Per Minute Result.
  2. This is an obviously important factor that can't be ignored. The higher the targets achieved at a greater speed, the higher the results for the Action Per Minute Result. And those who have a lower speed will obviously not be able to hit many targets in one minute. Hence, these players will have a lower Action Per Minute result. When considering this factor, efficiency also comes into mind. In other words, if the player has a higher speed then that means he/she is efficient or has the potential to be efficient. And such a player will have very good results. Those players who are not efficient are usually the ones who have a lower speed. Such players will not have good results.
  3. Spamming: This factor is relevant to the factor mentioned first (Accuracy factor). In the relevant game, there will usually be some tasks that are easier to carry out compared to other tasks. As a result, players will opt to do these tasks again and again. These players will do this for the purpose of achieving a good result on the Action per Minute Test. There might be another reason for this; the player is just using it as practice for the tougher targets. As a result of repeatedly doing these tasks, the target loses its usefulness. And that is why such actions are called Spamming. To counter this issue, measures were adopted to ignore such useless actions. Such a mechanism achieves its aim either by disregarding repeated actions or overlooking the first few minutes or beginning stage of the game.