Mouse Accuracy Game

The Mouse Accuracy Test is also known as Pointer Click Training. It is perfect for those who are looking to improve their mouse skills. This test is seen by many as a sort of training and rightly so. It helps in accuracy, agility, and makes the user respond very quickly. Mouse Accuracy Test is also a form of target training. This is a perfect game that can be utilized for training as well by those who are amateur game players and also those who are professional game players. What makes the Mouse Accuracy Test even more appealing is the fact that it is a free browser game, playable by anyone who is looking to improve their skills.


Mouse Accuracy Test is very simple and easy to play. As highlighted above, it mainly involves targeting.

Difficulty Levels:

At first, the user is presented with many options that are concerning the settings and mode of the game. One is difficulty level. In this option, the users have mainly three options; they can opt for either Easy, Normal, or Hard. This option may also be referred to as different modes of the game.

Targets to Hit

The second option is Target Size, which is concerning the size of the thing that the user will be focusing on primarily in the game. The users have four choices; they can opt for either Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large.

Time duration

The third option that the users have with regards to settings is Duration. This option is about the time limit of the game. In this option as well, the users can choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 90 seconds.

Target Colors

The fourth option that the users have with regards to the settings of the game is Target Color. Again, the target will be the main thing that the user will be focusing on, and as the word itself suggests, it will be the aspect that the game requires users to aim for. The users have many alternatives when it comes to picking the color of the target. They are; red, purple, pink, orange, light blue, and lastly, green.

Cursor Types

The fifth option in relation to the settings is the cursor. This aspect will be the representation of the mouse on the screen of the user’s computer or laptop. And it will be used for targeting as well. The users can either opt for the plus sign or the usual mouse sign that resembles an arrow. The preference is mainly subjective. Users should choose whichever one they are most comfortable with. And they should be careful as to choose one which is most prominent, more significant, and also easier to follow should the game go very fast.

Sound and Voice

The sixth and last option that the users can enable is sound. The users can opt to enable or disable HUD, whatever their preference.

Starting the Game

Upon changing and choosing the relevant settings in these six areas, the user must select the “Start” button in red color.

This button is available at the very bottom of the home page. Once that button is selected, the user will be given 3 seconds for preparation.

Once it started, you will have to hit circle targets and are continuously growing up and more. You will gain some seconds on each target of your hit. You have to very fast to pass the level.

Once the game starts, at the very top right-hand side of the users’ screen, the user will have the option available in the red button, saying “End Session.”

Upon choosing this option, the game will end, and if the user wishes, he/she can restart the game.

Also, on the right-hand side of the screen, towards the middle, the user will be presented with the “Time.” This will show how much time is elapsed and how much time is left. There will also be a section of “Points,” which will show the users how many targets have been successfully clicked during the game. For each successful click on a target, the user will be granted 4 points. 

Once the time selected is over, the following will appear: “Time’s Up!” And then, the user will be taken to a new screen, which will present Game Stats and Settings. It will show the time duration, the game difficulty level, and target size selected by the user before the start of the game. It will show the Targets Stats. In this, three aspects will appear; the number of successful clicks, the targets missed by the user, and the targets successfully clicked per second. The third section that the user will see is Clicks. It will show the number of successful clicks, the number of clicks that missed the targets, and the number of clicks per second.

There will also be a Score Overview. The total score will be presented. This overall score will be an addition of the points earned in the game and any bonus points. The second thing offered is the percentage of target efficiency. And lastly, the users are presented with the percentage of click accuracy.

The users also have the option of sharing their scores on twitter. Or they can simply restart the game and change the settings.

Mouse Accuracy or Clicking Game?

Mouse accuracy is a game where no one can cheat as it's about the accuracy of your clicking targets within a specific time span. That is why its sometimes the most difficult mouse game. But it is the best to target practice game for Fortnite and PUBG game players. You will see much better performance after playing this game. 

While on the other hand, clicking game like 'Click Speed Test' has some advantages over mouse accuracy. This is about clicking fast in predefined time and the target is to achieve a high CPS score. The game has options to select, 5 seconds to 100 seconds.

Some gamers use auto clickers to cheat and try to get high scores for self-satisfaction and to show their friends. There are more cheating techniques like Butterfly and drag clicking as well.

Cheating on normal flash or HTML 5 games is a bit easy, but it's difficult to cheat on mouse accuracy games. Auto clickers may use to increase the clicking speed but can't speed up and click the targets with accuracy.