How to do Butterfly Clicking? Full Guide

Butterfly clicking for minecraft

The advancement in the gaming world has captured the eyes of gamers to slam their feet on top of the leader board. 

Gamers all around the globe are busy finding tips and tricks to make their gaming experience better than others.

Different factors are the key points in games that elevate a player's certain level. One of them is CPS (click per second). 

Most of the games, exclusively the Minecraft PVP, require frequent clicks per second to match their opponents' frequency. 

The one with higher CPS wins the competition.

Players use diverse techniques like jitter clicking and drag clicking to boost the cps, but butterfly clicking is the ultimate choice for most gamers.

  1. What is butterfly clicking?
  2. How to do butterfly click: Step by Step
  3. Why butterfly clicking is better than jitter clicking?
  4. How to practice butterfly clicking?
  5. Is butterfly clicking banned?

What is butterfly clicking?

Butterfly clicking is the latest technique to escalate the cps of games. This technique, when first introduced, heated the player's server. 

Butterfly clicking involves two fingers, mainly the index and the middle finger, and you have to slam both of your fingers alternately on the LMB ( left mouse button) at a steady speed. 

Butterfly clicking can increase the cps rate up to 16cps! (as per the user experience), which is ideal for Minecraft PVP.

For games like Minecraft PVP, it is important to hit your target at fast as you can. 

If your opponent is playing at 6 to 7 cps and you are butterfly clicking at 16-17 cps, you will have an edge. 

The more hits, the easier it will be to put down your enemy.

What is the best mouse for butterfly clicking?

How to do butterfly click: Step by Step

  • First, get a mouse that can double click. Most of the mice are only able to click once. For butterfly clicking, you have to perform double clicks to increase cps.
  • Put your index and middle finger on one of the mouse buttons.
  • Place the rest fingers on the other mouse button to provide a nice grip.
  • Starts hitting the mouse button in a way in which you can double click
  • Alternate between your index and middle fingers. Use your index finger to tackle the left click, while your middle finger will handle the right click.
  • Enjoy the raised CPS.

Note: Butterfly clicking is only done of one mouse button. Using your index finger on LMB and the middle on RMB is not butterfly clicking.

Why butterfly clicking is better than jitter clicking?

The butterfly clicking technique is based on the addition rule! Let me explain.

Unlike jitter clicking, where you have to keep slamming the mouse with your index finger, butterfly clicking works by a combination of two fingers. 

So if you are getting around 7 to 8 cps in jitter clicking, the figures can double in butterfly clicking.

Furthermore, jitter clicking puts all the pressure on your index finger, and for some users, it may result in swelling joints and pain in the arms. 

Contrary to this butterfly clicking, balance the force between two fingers, thus stabilizing the arm into a more grippy position.

Unlike jitter clicking, butterfly clicking offers a sturdy position for your mouse. 

Slamming one finger on the mouse can cause vibration, and it is hard for users to move and aim simultaneously.

 However, you can rest assured that your aim will not miss your target with butterfly clicking.

How to practice butterfly clicking?

  • Online test
  • To master the art of butterfly clicking, you need to be practical rather than rallying on theories. 

    There are many websites online that offer you a click speed test. Practice butterfly clicking there, and with consistency, you will see positive results.

  • Avoid lagging
  • Butterfly clicking should be lag-free. It would be best to use both fingers alternately but at an equal pace. 

    The ratio of clicking between your fingers should be 1:1.

  • Care your fingers.
  • Butterfly clicking is tiring, especially if you are new to it. It's crucial to maintain a healthy pressure on both of your fingers. 

    Putting more pressure on one index finger than the middle finger will cause mouse vibration, resulting in slow cps and tiring hands.

  • Provide a sturdy palm grip 
  • When your fingers are into the action, assist them with a solid grip of the palm over your mouse. 

    You will not only experience better clicking, but your aiming capability will enhance drastically.

    Is butterfly clicking banned?

    Butterfly clicking is still a controversial technique. Although it is not forbidden or banned, doing it too well can kick you out of online tournaments. 

    The servers won't recognize any difference between auto-clicker and butterfly clicking. 

    So basically, it is misinterpreted as auto-clicking if someone is exceptionally good at it.


    In a nutshell, butterfly clicking is a very effective technique for PVP users that is comfortable than its competitors and provides a much enhanced and paced-up gaming experience.