Click Test Cheats and Unblocked Version

Are you curious to know the exact number of clicks made by you in a minute or a second?

Click Speed test Unblocked Cheats

Well, you will be glad to know that there are hundreds of ways to record this ordinary activity. Surprisingly, the act of recording the number of clicks is not just a test; it is played as a game all across the globe. 

Clicks: {{clickCount}}   |  

Time: {{timeElapsed | number:2}}

Results: {{cps | number: 1}} CPS

Click Test Introduction

If you aren’t similar with a click speed test and it is a new term for you then consider the following description; Counting, calculating or recording the number of clicks made by an individual is called Click Speed Test.

Many websites are offering varying ways to users for testing mouse-clicking ability and user’s skills. For those who want to enhance their clicking speed, take it as a pass time game. You will be challenged by others and a competing environment will be developed. In this competing atmosphere, you will be urged to score more. 

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Hacks for Increasing the Clicking Speed

The game freaks with weak clicking skills struggle badly. They always lack behind but no more! After careful observation and practice, we have extracted amazing hacks to increase the clicking speed. Give them a careful read and enjoy the perks. 

How Clicking test works?

It is not as much difficult as you are thinking. You will not be able to stop yourself from breaking the records once you joined the game. All you have to do is;

All the above-mentioned hacks are tried and tested. They are safe. Practice them as much as you can. After practicing a few days, you will see a visible change in your clicking speed.