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Mouse Double Click Test

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If you want to test your computer mouse button clicking speed or want to test your mouse online. You are welcome here.

The computer mouse is something that is a very important tool for gamers to play games with accuracy. Whenever I play GTA games I use Mouse very much.

Mouse test is a perfect tool to measure the accuracy, sensibility and speed of mouse. 

If you are going to buy a gaming mouse, you must check the DPI value and sensitivity. 

If you are looking for any kind perfect gaming mouse and test the DPI and sensitivity you are welcome here. The software double click tester is a free online tool to use. You have nothing to download. The one mouse with lot of buttons can test out within a few seconds.

Gaming mice is given on our collection list. You may find it on the navigation bar under "Gaming accessories".

How to check the mouse click test? Step-by-step

What is a mouse click per second test? Is it the same as mouse click test?

Mouse click test and mouse click per second test may sound synonym, but they are opposite in their functions. 

Mouse click tests are performed on analyzing mice from a hardware perspective. Contrary to this, mouse click per second tests is invented to find clicks per second. 

The later test is most useful for gamers as a high clicking speed is considered a privilege in most games.

The mouse click test shows a virtual diagram of a mouse to analyze your physical mice condition. However, the mouse click per second test displays a simplistic empty box to click at different time intervals.

For example

 5-second click speed test

15-second click speed test

30-second click speed test

The online mouse click per the second test also acts as a free-time game. The simplistic design and an opportunity to prove your clicking speed attract many users to try mouse cps.

How to check mouse click per second test? Step-by-Step

Mouse accuracy

The way you handle your mouse is called mouse accuracy. Higher mouse accuracy means better aiming in shooting games. 

While having poor mouse accuracy will deteriorate your gaming experience and consume more time handling the basic computer operations.

An EDPI (Effective Dots Per Inch) Calculator is a tool used by gamers to determine the sensitivity of their mouse settings for optimal gaming performance.

EDPI is calculated by multiplying the DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting of the mouse by the in-game sensitivity setting. This metric helps standardize mouse sensitivity across different games and hardware setups, allowing for a consistent and personalized gaming experience.

Mouse accuracy tests

Mouse accuracy tests are available to check your mouse accuracy. It will give you an idea of where you need to work to escalate your mouse performance

Mouse polling rate

Mouse polling rate is the frequency of how many times your mouse positions itself on the computer. 

What should be the optimum mouse polling rate?

A high polling rate will cause a burden on your CPU, but it will reduce the lag between when you hit your mouse, and it shows up on the screen

Mouse latency test

Mouse latency measures the lag of your mouse. It can be checked by mouse latency tests online. 

Having a low latency test will have a much higher mouse response rate. 

For domestic users, mouse latency is not a primary concern, but it talks about wins or losses in games.

How to do a mouse latency test?

Mouse latency tests are done to check out your mouse's response or output performance. These tests are available online.

Facing low latency issues? Head to the mouse latency tests to analyze your latency rates

Mouse test dpi

Mouse dpi measures its sensitivity. A high DPI will induce fast movement of your cursor. Adjusting your mouse dpi to medium will give you a balanced performance. 

How to check mouse dpi test?

Mouse dpi tests are performed to provide data about your mouse sensitivity. Go to the web and type mouse dpi tests, pick any websites, and check out your mouse dpi.


Sometimes the reason for mouse malfunction is only a software problem, and you might be testing mouse click tests repeatedly. 

Software test

Check your mouse drivers in the device manager. If they need an update, update them to the latest version. 

There are a lot of different tools online that can help you figure out the solutions to your problems. Similarly, mouse test is a simple yet accurate online tool designed to help you “test” your mice and make sure if there are any technical issues or not.

The best way to figure out if all the buttons of your mouse are working is to do it through a mouse test online. These kinds of tests help you test each of the buttons one at a time which confirms your suspicions of the mouse being faulty or not.

It is a great tool overall because in this way, not only you can test the buttons of your mouse but also get to know your hardware better e.g: the dpi of your mouse, the cps, and even the latency of the mouse. I will discuss these in detail later on.

What is this test for?

As I have mentioned above, this tool is extremely useful because after following the simple instructions, you can get to know if there are any minor faults in your mice or not.

Apart from that, if you play a lot of online games such as ‘Call of Duty, ‘Fortnite’ or other competitive games then it’s obviously very necessary that each component of your mouse is working perfectly otherwise you will be left behind among your teammates.

That is why this mouse test tool is very beneficial and nowadays, it’s a pretty simple and easy tool to use so you won’t have to face any trouble while using it.

Salient features of this tool:

A mouse test tool doesn’t only consist of one test but a number of different tests to give you a complete insight of your mouse’s components and speed etc. Let’s start with a few of the simple ones:

1) Mouse Click Test:

● Left-click and right click button test:

First up are the two main buttons that are present in every mouse out there. These are the left click and the right-click buttons.

To test if these buttons are working properly, move the mouse cursor into the given space and press both the buttons simultaneously. If the light turns green on the screen, then both the buttons work perfectly fine.

This type of test can also determine your mouse cps. The clicks per second (cps) of your mouse are determined when you click one of the two buttons as fast as you can in a given amount of time, which determines your total cps. Note: Clicking faster can generate a higher cps.

● Middle button and wheel scroll test:

The next is the button present in between the left and right click, also known as the wheel. The wheel can be used in two ways, you can either press the wheel as a button or scroll up and down.

Move the cursor into the given space on the screen and similarly, press the wheel button first. If the light turns green then the button is working fine.

Now, try scrolling the mouse wheel up and down with your finger, if the values in the given space move up from 0, that means the wheel is scrolling fine.

Apart from the button test, this test also mentions the speed of your scrolling in pixels per second. The faster you scroll, the more the speed it records on the screen.

● Side buttons test:

Some mice, especially gaming mice even have side buttons (mostly on the left side) for the thumb. These buttons can be tested in the same way as the other buttons, just move the cursor in the given space and click them simultaneously. The appearance of green color will show that they are working perfectly.

2) Mouse polling rate test:

A polling rate test determines how fast your mouse is in terms of refreshing its position each second.

All you have to do is move your mouse’s cursor to the given space and move around your mouse to see how quickly the mouse sends the signals to your PC. Usually, for gamers mice with a polling rate of 500 Hz and above are recommended but a polling rate of just 250 Hz is still okay for a normal mouse.

Another term used for polling rate that you might have heard is the latency of your mouse. It is basically the time taken by the mouse to send its signals to the PC once the click switch is pressed.

 A quick latency test will help you understand better on how this works. Especially in video games, late registered clicks will lag you behind other players which could be a disaster. An example of a good latency mouse is the Razer’s Naga Pro which has the lowest latency of 4ms.

3) How to check if your mouse is accurate or not?

If you want to find out if your mouse is fast enough or not, a quick mouse accuracy test will help you determine the accuracy and efficiency of your mouse’s clicks.

All you will have to do is move around your mouse in time to hit some targets in the given time, the ease with which you are able to move your mouse and hit all the targets will determine the accuracy of your mouse.


Q: How do I check if the click of my mouse is faulty or not?

A: A mouse double click test makes things easy. If your one-click registers as two clicks on the screen then the AI classifies your mouse as faulty and misbehaving.

Q: How do I know if the sensor of my mouse is good or not?

A: A good sensor test for your mouse would be to make sure the mouse slides over the mousepad smoothly and there is no lag while moving the mouse.

Q: What is a mouse DPI test?

A: A mouse dpi test is the measure of a mouse’s sensitivity. A faster mouse means there are higher DPIs.


To sum up things, a mouse test is a very useful tool that can help you get to know your mouse better. To check if anything is faulty or not and to make sure the standard of your mouse is high according to your needs. It is a free and widely used online tool that benefits you in countless ways.