Auto Clicker Download

You are installing something that’s going to take hours? The trouble you might come across is your screen shutting itself off midway. This is then followed by your computer going off to sleep on its own or because you’ve said it to behave so through your computer settings.

But, it is often hectic and frustrating to wake up to or see after the time has passed. If you’re searching for effective solutions to this problem or other problems you face, you’ve come to the right place. Auto clickers are the one-stop solution to all your clicking problems!

What are Auto Clickers?

Auto clicker is a software or macro that can be used to automate clicking. Usually, they’re used by gamers where clicks per second (CPS) can be advantageous but might unbalance the game’s situation.

They’re quite normal to use with a simple interface and act as though a physical mouse button is registered, making it act just as if a user pressed the key normally. So, if you were to go off while your system is on, and you want it to remain that way, you could automate a click every few minutes, so it doesn’t shut off.

Customized auto clickers or more advanced ones make use of more advanced algorithms which are more specific and operate on a single program only. Such software can be used to automate a wide variety of tasks with the inclusion of keyboard shortcuts as well.

Most auto clickers are part of software automation suites which can cater to a series of automation tasks like pressing keys, performing tasks, or maybe to test something to register a specified number of clicks. The opportunities for such software are endless.

This software can also be used along with another software running in parallel. Like, with an open browser which allows you to use this auto click software inside an online game to produce better results.

Options in an Auto Clicker:

An auto clicker has several different options left open for customization. They can be anything from hotkeys to shortcuts, from the number of clicks to the position of the clicks.

Here’s a list of some of the most common functionalities an auto clicker would provide:

Controversial Uses:

Sure, using an auto clicker sounds like an opportunity most gamers would call “heaven come true”. However, such software suites are mostly used to exploit the game and explore advantages illegitimately. It is mostly used for incremental games where clicking allows you to pass a stage and move forward.

Most games usually ban players who make use of such software because it doesn’t provide an equal opportunity to legit players. Most games also patch their games against such software to detect such usage and prevent users from exploiting the game.

Click frauds are yet another disadvantage of auto clickers. Services which utilize the pay per click ad system are usually the victim of this software. Advertising budgets are impacted by these clicks, which might sound disastrous for companies.


Although using the software brings up the question of ethics in a few cases, it is still a useful software for many. In professional industries where clicks are everything, this software can be a blessing in disguise.